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HKU-Notre Dame Scholarships for Student Exchange

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The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and The University of Notre Dame (ND) partnered to support a bilateral student exchange programme between the two universities. Starting from the 2012-13 academic year, eight scholarships will be awarded annually to eight students so that they can pursue study at The University of Hong Kong and The University of Notre Dame.

This new exchange programme between HKU and ND is a result of the determined efforts of Mr Christopher Cheng Wai-Chee. As an active member of public service committees in Hong Kong and a University of Notre Dame alumnus himself, Mr. Cheng felt strongly about the benefits that could be fostered with a collaboration between HKU and ND. Mr. Cheng successfully brought the two schools together and secured the funds necessary to subsidise an exchange programme for eight students. The scholarships shall provide students from both universities with a more diverse and international learning experience through student exchange. Students shall gain incredible advantages by studying overseas and learning about new cultures.

The image file about HKU-Notre Dame Scholarships for Student Exchange<br />香港大學-美國聖母大學學生交流獎學金

Purpose and Scope

Awardees will be selected based on their scholastic performance, willingness to serve the community and overall performance. Four students from ND will receive scholarships to go on exchange at HKU and four HKU students will receive the scholarships to study at ND. The recipients are required to join the service learning projects organised by the host university during their stay. The scholarship will allow students from both universities to experience international learning and to gain the advantage of studying overseas and learning about a new culture.


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Value of Award HK$25,000
Renewal Conditions --
Type of Scholarships Enrichment Scholarships for Current Students
Place of Origin of Students Other places
Level of Study Undergraduate
Faculty Not specified

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