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Sola Gratia Foundation Scholarships, The

On the Donor

In 2006, the Hui-Bon-Hoa Family donated a sum to set up The Sola Gratia Foundation Academic Fund to support HKU undergraduates students residing in Simon K.Y. Lee Hall to participate in programs of study or development organized by The University of Hong Kong.

In 2014, Dr Max Hui-Bon-Hoa kindly pledged a further donation to encourage students residing at the Hall to partake academic exchange under the HKU Worldwide Exchange for Undergraduate Students or faculty-level exchange programmes.

Purpose and Scope

The scholarship will be awarded to applicants who have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above and who have made a substantial contribution to Simon K Y Lee Hall. 

Awardees are expected to continue to reside in and contribute to the Hall for at least one semester, upon completion of their exchange program from overseas, subject to the approval of the Hall's Admissions Committee.

The Scholarships cannot be held concurrently with other enrichment scholarships administered under the HKU Worldwide Exchange Programme. Students who had been awarded scholarships of similar nature are not eligible to apply.

Value of Award HK$15,000 for semester exchange; HK$30,000 for full-year exchange
Renewal Conditions --
Type of Scholarships Enrichment Scholarships for Current Students
Place of Origin of Students Not specified
Level of Study Undergraduate
Faculty Not specified


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