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Vicky Shek Zeitlin Memorial Scholarship

On the Donor

Veteran foreign correspondent Mr Arnold Zeitlin, a visiting professor of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre, donated a sum, accompanied by a matching grant from The Freedom Forum, USA, to the University of Hong Kong Foundation for Educational Development and Research for the establishment of the "Vicky Shek Zeitlin Memorial Scholarship".

Mr Zeitlin has also been serving as consultant to news media organizations and other universities in China. He is managing director and chief executive officer of Editorial Research & Reporting Associates, a U.S.-based worldwide news media consulting firm. Over a 30-year period, he was a bureau chief and overseas correspondent for the Associated Press as well as Asia vice president for United Press International, and Asia center director for the Freedom Forum.

Purpose and Scope

The scholarships shall be awarded to:

  • Undergraduate and/or postgraduate student(s) from Mainland China
  • Journalists who have contributed to news freedom

who are pursuing programmes offered by the Journalism and Media Studies Centre.

The scholarship(s) shall be awarded on the basis of academic merit; financial need will be considered when candidates are of equal merit.

Value of Award To be determined
Renewal Conditions --
Type of Scholarships Merit-based Scholarships for Current Students
*for students who are in financial need
Place of Origin of Students Not specified, Chinese Mainland
Level of Study Not specified
Faculty Social Sciences


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