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French Centre for Research on China Award in Modern China Studies

On the Donor

In 2011 the French Centre for Research on China (CEFC) offered to establish an award for the most outstanding student(s) of the Schoolof Modern Languagesand Cultures to reward his or her achievements and interest in the study of Modern China. The award shall comprise 8 issues of the CEFC’s journal China Perspectives. Four of the issues will come from the period preceding the Award Ceremony and four will be from the period after the ceremony to be mailed to the Award winner. 

More than one award may be made in a given year, subject to CEFC’s determination.


Purpose and Scope

The award shall be given on the basis of academic merit to Bachelor of Arts students studying Modern China Studies at The University of Hong Kong.

In any year when candidates are judged to be of insufficient merit, no award shall be made.

Value of Award To be determined
Renewal Conditions --
Type of Scholarships Merit-based Scholarships for Current Students
Place of Origin of Students Not specified
Level of Study Undergraduate
Faculty Arts


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