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China Soong Ching Ling Foundation: Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry Music Fund
中國宋慶齡基金會 "古馳(腕表與珠寶)音樂基金

On the Donor

In Spring 2012, the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, based on a donation from Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry, established the "Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry Music Fund" for the Music students of the School of Humanities of the University of Hong Kong.  The first cycle of the Music Fund shall be run until June 30, 2014.


Purpose and Scope

The Fund shall be awarded to undergraduate and postgraduate Music students of the School of Humanities with outstanding achievements.

Each year, there shall be 3 to 5 recipients, and the total value of all awards shall not exceed RMB40,000.

Value of Award To be determined
Renewal Conditions --
Type of Scholarships Merit-based Scholarships for Current Students
Place of Origin of Students Not specified
Level of Study Not specified
Faculty Arts


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