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On the Donor

In 2015, donations from medical alumni, together with other staunch suportors of the Faculty were received in support of scholarships for undergraduate students of the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine. The purpose of the Scholarships is to encourage and reward students who have had a very different set of life experiences, growing up under trying circumstances yet have managed to succeed against adversity. 

Purpose and Scope

The Scholarships shall be awarded to first year undergraduate students of the Faculty. Preference will be given to students from less advantaged backgrounds , those who belong to minority groups or those who otherwise have had a harder early life than others. Students from non-traditional paths with solid academic achievements, particularly from underprivileged families, will be given priority.

Selection criteria:

  • Academic merit, and
  • Financial need
Value of Award Annual University composition fee, hall fee and other academic expenses
Renewal Conditions Financial need and academic merit as shown in the examinations and continuous assessment
Type of Scholarships Entrance Scholarships for New Students
*for students who are in financial need
Place of Origin of Students Not specified
Level of Study Undergraduate
Faculty Medicine


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