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Bau Tsu Zung Bau Kwan Yeu Hing Scholarship

On the Donor

In 2014, the Bau Family generously pledged a sum from the estate of the late Mr Bau Man-Kwong Maurice for the establishment of a scholarships fund in honour of their parents, Dr Bau Tsu-Zung and Mrs Bau Kwan Yeu-Hing.

The late Dr Bau Tsu Zung was an alumnus of HKU, having graduated from the Medical Faculty in 1927 and received a Doctor of Medicine in 1932, thus starting the family's connection to the University. The Scholarships will benefit deserving undergraduate and postgraduate medical students in the pursuit of excellence in their studies.

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The image file about Bau Tsu Zung Bau Kwan Yeu Hing Scholarship<br />鮑志成鮑關柔馨獎學金

Purpose and Scope

The Scholarship shall be tenable to all undergraduate students of the Medical Faculty to support them to undertake the intercalated/iner-professional/articulation programmes offered or arranged by the Faculty. Examples of the programmes, include but not limited to:

  • MBBS/MResMed;
  • MBBS/PhD (including joint MBBS/PhD with other universities);
  • BBiomedSc(HKU)/BVM&S(Edin); BBiomedSc(HKU)/MPhty(Sydney); BBiomedSc(HKU)/MDR(Sydney);
    MBBS(HKU) or BBiomedSc(HKU)/MPH(UCBerkeley)
  • BChinMed/MPH;
  • BNurs/MPH;
  • BPharm/MPH;
  • MBBS/JD;
  • any others programmes as endorsed by the Medical Faculty.

Selection Criteria:

  • academic merit; and
  • financial need.
The Scholarship shall be tenable for the duration of the programme subject to excellent 
progress and conduct. 
Value of Award Cover part or all of the annual extra composition fee (To be determined)
Renewal Conditions Excellent progress and conduct
Type of Scholarships Merit-based Scholarships for Current Students
*for students who are in financial need
Place of Origin of Students Not specified
Level of Study Undergraduate
Faculty Medicine


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