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Scholarship for Teachers (Pursuit of Master's Degree Programmes)

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Since its inception in June 2013, the Committee on Professional Development of Teachers and Principals (COTAP) has worked towards building shared vision, mission and objectives for the professional development of teachers and school leaders in Hong Kong. To achieve these goals, COTAP has launched T-excel@hk, an overarching project which comprises eight areas of focus.


Purpose and Scope

The Scholarship for Teachers aims to celebrate achievements of high-performing teachers and to encourage teachers’ pursuit of higher qualifications as well as to enhance their professionalism. It is offered to selected full-time serving teachers who will start, in the 2019/20 school year, a relevant local part-time master’s degree programme.

Application is open to full-time serving teachers who:

(a) are permanent residents of Hong Kong;
(b) are regular teachers in local primary or secondary day schools (including special schools) offering a formal curriculum at the time of application;
(c) have no less than five years (as at 31 August 2018) of full-time teaching experience in local primary or secondary day schools (including special schools) offering a formal curriculum;(d) have not been awarded this Scholarship before; and
(e) have enrolled to start, in the 2019/20 school year, a local part-time master’s degree programme conducted by a local higher education institution specialising in one of the following nine areas:

(i) STEM Education
(ii) Information Technology in Education
(iii) Language Education (Chinese or English)
(iv) Chinese History and History
(v) Chinese Culture
(vi) Values Education
(vii) Catering for Learner Diversity (including Special Educational Needs, Gifted Education and Inclusive Education)
(viii) Guidance and Counselling (including Career Guidance,
Counselling and Life Education)
(ix) Parent Education and Home-school Co-operation

The Scholarship for Teachers (2019/20) is open for application from 20 May to 14 June 2019. The application details can be found at:


Value of Award HK$80,000 each
Renewal Conditions --
Type of Scholarships Entrance Scholarships for New Students
Place of Origin of Students Local
Level of Study Postgraduate
Faculty Education


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