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Belt and Road Scholarship

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To attract more outstanding students from Belt and Road countries to pursue studies in Hong Kong, the HKSAR Government offers the following scholarships to first-year students from these countries who are enrolled in full-time publicly-funded undergraduate or research postgraduate programmes in Hong Kong:

For undergraduate students

  • Belt and Road Scholarship (Indonesia)
  • Belt and Road Scholarship (Mongolia)
  • Belt and Road Scholarship (Malaysia)
  • Belt and Road Scholarship (Myanmar)
  • Belt and Road Scholarship (Thailand)
  • Belt and Road Scholarship (Other Countries)

For research postgraduate students

  • Belt and Road Scholarship (Research Postgraduate)

Purpose and Scope

The selection of awardees will be based on:

- student’s academic performance;
- contribution to the institution/ society;
- leadership and communication skills; and
- interest in integrating into and contributing to the Hong Kong society

Value (for 2019-20 intake):

- Full tuition fee, tenable for normative period of study* (for 2019-20 intake, except for students from Thailand)

- Up to HK$120,000, plus a bursary of HK$50,000 (subject to financial need), tenable for normative period of study (for 2019-20 Intake, for students from Thailand)

* For a period of up to two years for MPhil study; and up to three years for PhD students with MPhil degree, and up to four years for PhD students without an MPhil degree.


  1. Students enrolled in dual/joint degree programmes are not eligible for the Scholarship.
  2. The awardees of the Scholarship will not be eligible to receive other government scholarships under the HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund except for Talent Development Scholarship, Reaching Out Award and/or Endeavour Merit Award.
Value of Award Please see above
Renewal Conditions Satisfactory academic performance
Type of Scholarships Entrance Scholarships for New Students
Place of Origin of Students Other places
Level of Study Not specified
Faculty Not specified


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