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Leong Che-Hung Medical and Research Enrichment Scholarship

On the Donor

In March 2019, a total of 54 donors generously donated a sum of for the establishment of a scholarship fund in honour of Dr the Honourable Leong Che-Hung in the LKS Faculty of Medicine.  The establishment of the “Leong Che-Hung Medical and Research Enrichment Scholarship” aims to support medical students and research postgraduate students, to provide them with additional resources in designing their own learning experiences during their studies or research activities.

Purpose and Scope

The Scholarship shall be awarded to MBBS students in the enrichment year and/or faculty research students in postgraduate programmes as follows:

  1. Students in MBBS programme: The Scholarship will be awarded to the third year MBBS students of the Faculty on the basis of financial need, academic merit and budget of the enrichment year activities. Preference will be given to students from less advantaged backgrounds, those who belong to minority groups or those who have had a harder early life than others. The Scholarship aims to enable students to design their own learning experiences during their enrichment year in the MBBS curriculum.

  2. Students in research postgraduate programmes: The Scholarship will be awarded to research postgraduate students on the basis of academic merit and budget of the research activities. The purpose of the Scholarship is to enable research postgraduate students of the Faculty to engage in research activities or training overseas to develop research expertise and enrich their knowledge.

The components of the Scholarship are intended to cover the cost of transportation (cheapest economy airfare and local ground transport), living expenses, service/administrative fees for attachment at NGO/service partners, fees for research postgraduate programmes/exchange/internship/field trips/training, bench fees for research attachment, registration fees at conferences, laboratory consumables, etc.

The Scholarship cannot be held concurrently with other merit-based enrichment scholarships administered by the University for the same activity. The Scholarship may be held concurrently with non-merit-based financial aids.

Value of Award HK$20,000 to HK$30,000
Renewal Conditions --
Type of Scholarships Enrichment Scholarships for Current Students
*for students who are in financial need
Place of Origin of Students Not specified
Level of Study Undergraduate, Postgraduate
Faculty Medicine


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