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SunStrong Entertainment Scholarship

On the Donor

SunStrong Entertainment is a film investment company based in Malaysia that has produced multiple films since its incorporation including award winning films such as “My Surprise Girl”, “Small Town Heroes” and “Snow In Midsummer”. The pledged donation is to provide a scholarship for a well deserving Malaysian student to pursue a Master of Journalism at The University of Hong Kong.

Purpose and Scope

One scholarship shall be awarded to a full-time postgraduate student studying the degree of Master of Journalism at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre.


(a) The eligibility of the applicant is contingent upon coming from an economically disadvantaged background (i.e. a total monthly gross household income of Ringgit Malaysia 5,000 and below), wherein the provision of the scholarship would distinctly contribute to the candidate’s academic, educational and career advancement;

(b) Required to have successfully completed the Chinese Proficiency Test (also known as the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK)), attaining at least a minimum HSK 5 score; and

(c) Must hold a Malaysian citizenship and must be residing in Malaysia.

The Scholarship shall be awarded based on academic merit (CGPA 3.0 equivalent or above). In cases of students of equal academic merit, participation in community service and financial needs shall also be taken into consideration.

The scholarship shall cover: i) the full-time Master of Journalism programme tuition fee; ii) caution money; and iii) a living subsidy of the amount left after deducting i) and ii) from USD$50,000.

Upon successful completion of the awardee’s studies, the awardee opportunity to partake in an interview with SunStrong Entertainment consideration for a suitable vacancy within the organisation.

Value of Award USD$50,000
Renewal Conditions --
Type of Scholarships Merit-based Scholarships for Current Students
*for students who are in financial need
Place of Origin of Students Other places
Level of Study Postgraduate
Faculty Social Sciences


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